Haut und Knochen Labelnight



It is time for something new!

We are a small group of people that decided to make a difference in their hometown and bring the Düsseldorfer subculture together.
As an independent event series we are influenced by funk, soul, hip hop, house, techno and wave.

Each of our artists have their own individual style and each of our events are set out to create a new and exciting collage of these different flavors and themes.

Now we’ve teamed up to branch out into new territories and spread the word beyond Düsseldorf.

For the premiere at Goethebunker, we combined our powers to bring our musical diversity to Essen.
The „Haut“ Floor will deliver experimental sounds from italo, afro, future beat, bass and many other influences:
 DJ Ungel, having just released his brand new EP “Mirror Zone” will join us from Candomblé. 
Taimles, one part of the Smooth Operator 3000 trio and featured by Cosmo Radio and owner of the most listened german future sounds blog „Infinit“ will do us the honor and our newcomer Supa Suka 93 will top them of with his wicked and slow-jugging vibes.

The „Knochen“ Floor will get you by the nuts.
For this night we invited one of our favorite techno DJ from the infamous record label Desolat. We are talking about The Timewriter – Frankfurts 90s favorite and former Cocoon resident.
Nowadays he plays along with Loco Dice at the Kiesgrube Open Airs.
His productions for Faithless & Enigma (to name just a few) made him unforgettable.

He will be joined by the co-founders of Wreckers, who established themselves some legendary raves at the junkyard playground right at the rhine river in Düsseldorf. Jon:as and Arndson will b2b the sh*t out of the night! 

The evening will be completed by the archaic and extraterrestrial vibes of Granulit, resident and co founder of the Vertigo event-series and member of the Dark-Wave Duo Exolar with Guitarist Yannik Brehm, releasing their first digital EP release on the newly established Haut&Knochen Label.

„Stay smooth & be nice to each other.“