The time to enter the darkness is here. The game has started, the lights are flashing. The doors of the cellar are open again. We are going deep into the ocean of pulsating noise.


Onyxia S03 is here with a double banger. Presenting for the first time in Germany Prophän, the master of mystic drum patterns and out of this world melodies is bringing to us a heart filled 90 minute live performance that will offer an outstanding experience for body and mind. Hailing from Morocco, he is presenting his unique musical vision that has already captivated electronic music enthusiasts throughout the world when regularly played by Setaoc Mass and SNTS.


To round up a night filled with strong producing talents we invite the locally loved Earthscape duo to make sure that the bass and heartbeats are raised to the limit. This dynamic act is spreading immense energies wherever they play: from Berlin through Cologne to South America, on the stage of Docklands Festival through small cellars to an abandoned warehouse in Cuba.


Join us again and dive into the outrage.


Prophän LIVE ( Rhadâb - غظب/ FERИ.)

Earthscape (Sodomie/ Abstraction )

ELEMENT5 (Onyxia)

Xavius (Onyxia)


│ 12€ at the door │ 


A place where soul, mind and music meet.

A place where everyone is equally free in spirit.

A place where radical sound fills the space.



Enter. Rave. Experience.