TRYM a.k.a. the Sparkling Water Boy is a parisian producer, with rather disparate inspirations. This young artist is effective by his productions with multiple sounds, various instruments and  melodies on angry kicks. 


Already smashing it across Europe with his hard, mesmerizing style. Trym blends styles of techno, rave and hard trance to form his sound with no compromise. He has graced warehouses in his home, Paris, in Germany, Poland, Russia and many more.




Trym [ Ismus/ Eradys / Grounded / MOTZ]

Johannes Schuster [303/Fundament]

Octor [Octa]

Æntropy [Onyxia]


Limited Pre-sale: 10€ (+online booking fee


At door: 12€


A place where soul, mind and music meet.

A place where everyone is equally free in spirit.

A place where radical sound fills the space.




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