Onyxia S02 finale is the final episode of the season’s rave program. This final episode is to be produced with a star-studded line-up, and, as such, will try to attract ravers to continue dancing when the next series begins again.


Our finale may contain a cliffhanger ending to be resolved in the next season. Alternatively, our final episode could bring storylines to a cathartic close or a going out on a high feeling and similarly may maintain interest in the series' early fall return.


Kavaro [Sector Cologne]

Fabio & Cloven [Repetition Schumacher Club]

Tom Craig & Octor [OCTA │ Studio Club Essen]

Xavius & Black Process [ONYXIA]

SŒRS & Æntropy [ONYXIA]



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A place where soul, mind and music meet.

A place where everyone is equally free in spirit.

A place where radical sound fills the space.



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