A place where soul, mind and music meet.
A place where everyone is equally free in spirit.
A place where radical sound fills the space.

In our second season we go even deeper and dirtier.
In the cult-cellar Gothebunker, we are hosting Niki Istrefi, one of the pioneers from the ever more influential Copenhagen fast paced techno community. After making a strong statement in the scene with his first EP, Istrefi's unique track "Red Armor" became a beloved banger that leaves one wanting even more. He brings his musical vision into the clubs by playing live on selected analog and
digital instruments.

Enter. Rave. Experience.

Niki Istrefi Live [RAW]
Cloven [repetition // Schumacher Club]
Xavius [ONYXIA]
Black Process [ONYXIA]

Pre-sale: 8€ (+online booking fee)
At door: 10€