r-imprint vs synergy


The goal of R-Imprint's Synergy project is to explore the intersection of fine art, club-culture, filmmaking, performance and various other art forms in order to create a community, a series of events and artworks that are all bigger than the sum of their individual parts. The beautiful location for the second chapter is going to be the legendary Goethebunker in Essen, waiting for you with a crystal clear Function One Soundsystem. Besides from cutting edge dance music we'll present art installations across various rooms. 


Art curated by: 

Keta Gavasheli 

Andria Dolidze 

[more info's soon]


Music by:

Felix Fleer [Semantica Records/R-Imprint]

Jonas Landwehr [Unterland/R-Imprint]

RYTHEN [R-Imprint]



Doors Open: 23:59