Goethebunker Interview #41 – Ryan James Ford

Ryan James Ford ist ein Kind der 90er. Der gebürtige Kanadier hat seine Wurzeln in Jungle, IDM wie auch Ambient und versteht es diese Stile auf seine Art und Weise zu vereinen. Damit kreiert er seinen ganz eigenen Trademarksound abseits der konventionellen Herangehensweisen. Dies stellt er nicht nur auf Marcel Dettmann’s Label MDR oder Answer Code Request’s ACR unter Beweis, sondern hat seit Neustem sein eigenes Label „Shut“ gegründet. Bunkernacht-Gastgeber Ahmet Sisman hat mit Ihm vorab ein Interview geführt.


Hello Ryan, since when do you reside in Berlin and how does it feel to live as a Canadian in Germany? Any particular differences between both cultures?

I have now been in Germany for 5 years and its a great country. The cultural differences that I have the most experience with would be arts and music culture, and within Germany this is much more diverse and expansive. There are many more opportunities to do things related to music and art as well as a much bigger audience.


You got in your productions a certain trancy and ambient vibe. Where does this influence come from and how do you see this trend in techno today?

I personally don’t see the trance comparison however ambient on the other hand has been a huge influence so I guess this comes out naturally.  Most of my favorite music has developed melodies and harmonic ideas so this formed my idea of how things should sound. I just naturally let my sound develop the way it wants to develop.  

As far as these elements being a trend, I don’t really see it this way as there has always been melody and ambient in my favourite music. zb. Autechre, µ-Ziq, Gas, Regis, Function, Photek, DJ Krust, etc. (too many to name) have all referenced/created ambient and melody throughout their long careers so it has always been pat of this music.


What are your favorite studio gears and any hints for upcoming producers?

My favorite toy is my Roland MC202 run through my Alesis Microverb. My advice for upcoming producers would be to work hard and try to find something unique that you can investigate and continue exploring for years and years.


You just started your own label called “SHUT”. What are the plans for the 2017?

I have SHUT002 in the works and it will be available by spring via Hardwax. Maybe one more this year but not sure.


If you had the chance to do film scoring for a movie which one would you choose?

Predator or Terminator 1.


What else drives you besides music?

It’s too hard to think of something else.


Imagine the social media without a “like” or “views” button. Would that be a relief for an artist and his creative expression?

I think though this system of gratification and approval is now part of our culture moving forward. You shouldn’t let these systems decide anything for you as it only has as much power as you give it. You can have millions of ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ but still make garbage and be irrelevant so I think we still quantify quality independently of these systems.


The best and worse about club culture is?

It’s such a great thing regardless of the negatives and positives, I just hope it keeps growing and evolving and that I can continue to be part of it.


Thanks for the Interview and looking forward to see you on Saturday!

07.01.17 Bunkernacht mit Ryan James Ford

Interview Ahmet Sisman

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