Artikel mit dem Tag "onquiet"

Being one of our designated residents for more than one year onquiet keeps on developing his versatility as a dj. His wide range allows him to always keep the dance floor in motion with the right tunes at the right moments. Enjoy his latest selection for our podcast series!
onquiet aka Nelson Creutzburg ist in Jakarta, Indonesien, geboren und aufgewachsen. Seit 2002 lebt er in Deutschland. Neben seiner Leidenschaft für Musik studiert er Physik an der Universität Bochum. Wir freuen uns sehr darüber Nelson als neustes Mitglied der Goethebunkerfamilie vorstellen zu können.

Nelson Creutzburg aka. onquiet is a young Essen-based artist, who is currently joining the Goethebunker family. His sound-range lasts from ambient to atmospheric techno. The way he uses this wide range and his abilities show that there is much more we can expect from this talented guy. Enjoy his selection!