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Our beloved drum and bass tag team dCgot is belonging to Goethebunker for years and always was representing our small but very lovely dnb section. For example, dCgot were founding and co-hosting "Microgravity" as one of the most famous dnb parties in the area for almost three years. Enjoy their deep selection for their home club - Goethebunker.
Based in Essen, Frankey keeps on conquering the dance floors all over the world. Alongside Sandrino, Frankey is not only traveling around sharing their common idea of electronic music, but the duo is also running its own imprint called "Sum Over Histories". Enjoy Frankey's mix for his so called "second living room" - Goethebunker!

Being one of our designated residents for more than one year onquiet keeps on developing his versatility as a dj. His wide range allows him to always keep the dance floor in motion with the right tunes at the right moments. Enjoy his latest selection for our podcast series!
Professional Gigolo belongs to the Goethebunker family for many years and is also one of our designated residents. Here is his latest selection for our podcast series - enjoy!

Cramp is one of the three founders of Purify Records and since years he also is one of Goethebunker's designated residents. Enjoy his newest mix for our Goethebunker series!
Backroom Basic's Deekay is a true vinyl lover and dedicated to house music. Enjoy his lovely selection for Goethebunker!

Based in Buenos Aires, Furor Exótica are discovering the world as a disco-duo combining dj-sets with live vocals. Enjoy their mix!
Lazaros has been playing Goethebunker for a few times so far and he always showed his abilities to get the crowd into the right mood using his delicate skills. The Cologne-based Greek recently released his new EP Sympan on Frankey & Sandrinos label Sum Over Histories. Enjoy his selection!

Next to Cramp and Reshift, tangram is one of the founders of Purify Records. The Cologne-based artist is well known for his impulsive techno sets and in addition to that he recently started to perform as a live act. Enjoy!
Nelson Creutzburg aka. onquiet is a young Essen-based artist, who is currently joining the Goethebunker family. His sound-range lasts from ambient to atmospheric techno. The way he uses this wide range and his abilities show that there is much more we can expect from this talented guy. Enjoy his selection!

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