Goethebunker Interview #05 – Jimmy Edgar

Detroit’s Berlin-based Jimmy Edgar is on a mission to manifest dance culture on a level deeper than any bass can drop. Synthesizing his passions for esoteric philosophy and ‘90s club music, Edgar announces a new EP, label launch, and special projects with fellow multimedia mystics Machinedrum and Pilar Zeta.

An alumni of vaunted electronic labels Warp, !K7 and Hotflush, Edgar teams with longtime friend and frequent collaborator Machinedrum (Travis Stewart) to launch a new label called Ultramajic. The two have been “deep telepathic friends” since their teen years when Stewart encouraged

Merck Records to sign Jimmy based on a random CDR that found its way to the label in 1999. In addition to doing A&R for the new label, Stewart’s work with Edgar includes their side project JETS, as well as film and installation pieces.


Hello Jimmy, you have launched at the beginning of this year the imprint, Ultramajic“ together with Machinedrum (Travis Stewart) and released yet two EPs. Tell us a bit about the concept of the label and what we can expect from it in the near future.

So far it’s fundamental tone is dope music and amazing art. We are inspired by indigenous cultures, et communication, spiritual quantum mechanics, tantric magick and mystical technology.


Obviously you have a certain affinity to modular synthesizers. Can you give us an impression on your working process in the studio and some of your favourite studio gear?

I love my modular, I have somehow acquired a lot this year. My process is always evolving, once I start seeing myself repeat ideas that’s when I know it’s time to change everything. I quite like trying to make digital music sound good too since I am traveling so much. The mind and heart is the greatest asset in the studio, I don’t feel like there is any studio equipment I absolutely need. I could make my music on pots and pans. Someone should challenge me to that.


You point out your passion for the 90s club music. Which artists or labels have influenced you at most?

In general, the retro feel is boring for me since I’ve done so much of it, but I think it’s inescapable. The flip side of people trying to make music that sounds futuristic will never hold the test of time. I think my records will be listened to years later and confusion will ensue because it doesn’t really sound like one specific time period but a hybrid of many. I’ve been focusing on club music and remixes this year, but my passion is songwriting.


You are a huge David Lynch fan. What are your top 3 favourite movies from him? And why?

So hard to choose.

Blue Velvet because the mood set in the film is a completely mysterious world that is so interesting. I would categorize Twin Peaks in the same effort. I could write a book on the films, I quite like reading interpretations of the films. There would have to be a separate interview about David Lynch, but I love talking about him.

Mulholland Drive is amazing because I see it as a parody of Hollywood. I love the scene with Naomi Watts auditioning for the role, absolutely stunning piece of work. Lost Highway kind of fits in this vibe too, but it’s more goth, which appeals to the 15 year old in me. David Lynch has such a great sense of humor casting Richard Pryor. The sexiness of the film, mixed with the dark romanticism, mixed with the creepy vibes is perfect. This was the vibe I was trying to create with „xxx“ my album on K7.

Inland Empire is fantastic as well, lots of haters on it but I loved it. A bit too long perhaps, but if you get the DVD, watch the second DVD „more stuff that happened“. Amazing!


How essential became for you the meditation process and including the hypnosis? And what would you say to those ones who are not convinced by hypnosis?

If you’re „not convinced“ by hypnosis, you are just misguided and uneducated. Meditation and hypnosis are kind of the same thing. It’s a fundamental function of our bodies that the subconscious is more in control then our conscious mind. Point made, it’s about unlocking the limits we are programmed to put on ourselves and with that, anything you can imagine is possible. This is all a subject that requires an hour, you can’t skip by these things so quickly.


Event: 31.08.13 Goethebunker Reopening Wknd #2 w/ Jimmy Edgar | https://www.facebook.com/events/150042245193744

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