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Mit Maximilian bekommt die Goethebunker Familie erneut Zuwachs. Neben einem Mix für unsere Podcast Serie, gibt es zum Auftakt auch ein interessantes Interview.
Our beloved drum and bass tag team dCgot is belonging to Goethebunker for years and always was representing our small but very lovely dnb section. For example, dCgot were founding and co-hosting "Microgravity" as one of the most famous dnb parties in the area for almost three years. Enjoy their deep selection for their home club - Goethebunker.

Based in Essen, Frankey keeps on conquering the dance floors all over the world. Alongside Sandrino, Frankey is not only traveling around sharing their common idea of electronic music, but the duo is also running its own imprint called "Sum Over Histories". Enjoy Frankey's mix for his so called "second living room" - Goethebunker!
Being one of our designated residents for more than one year onquiet keeps on developing his versatility as a dj. His wide range allows him to always keep the dance floor in motion with the right tunes at the right moments. Enjoy his latest selection for our podcast series!

Born in Kiev, musically raised in Chicago and now based in Berlin, Alinka made her way through the world of electronic music. Running her Label “Twirl” besides Shaun J. Wright she developed her own sound somewhere between vibrant house and robust techno music. Since the beginning of this season, Alinka also became one of Goethebunker’s residents. We thought it was time to talk about a few things!
Professional Gigolo belongs to the Goethebunker family for many years and is also one of our designated residents. Here is his latest selection for our podcast series - enjoy!

Bereits seit vielen Jahren begleiten die drei Gründer von Purify Records den Goethebunker im Rahmen seiner unterschiedlichen Veranstaltungen. Mittlerweile veranstaltet das junge Label mit „Purify Records Invites“ auch eine eigene Partyreihe, welche regelmäßig bei uns zu Gast ist. Wir fanden, dass es an der Zeit war, sich einmal mit dem Trio zu unterhalten.
Cramp is one of the three founders of Purify Records and since years he also is one of Goethebunker's designated residents. Enjoy his newest mix for our Goethebunker series!

Backroom Basic's Deekay is a true vinyl lover and dedicated to house music. Enjoy his lovely selection for Goethebunker!
Based in Buenos Aires, Furor Exótica are discovering the world as a disco-duo combining dj-sets with live vocals. Enjoy their mix!

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