Goethebunker Interview #12 – Jimpster

Jamie Odell aka Jimpster ist seit über 20 Jahren mit dabei und zählt mittlerweile zu den weltweit anerkanntesten Künstlern in der EDM-Szene. Er ist Inhaber des Plattenlabels Freerange Records, das 2007 vom DJ Mag zum “Best British Label“ gewählt wurde und weist eine beneidenswerte Discographie auf. Mit unzähligen eigenen Produktionen und über 80 Remixen für Künstler wie Josh Wink, Joris Voorn, Marc Romboy, Bob Marley, Solomon oder dem deutschen Duo Kollektiv Turmstrasse, ist Jamie eine regelrechte Produktionsmaschine, ohne das dabei die Qualität der Tracks leidet. Vielmehr sammelte er im Laufe der Zeit viele Auszeichnungen und Awards ein. So wurde er 2012 mit dem Danish DJ Award für den “Best DJ International“ ausgezeichnet und erhielt 2010 den Titel “Beatport Deep House Producer“ und “Best Deep House Track“ des Jahres.

Sein aktuelles Album “Porchlights & Rockingchairs“, das im Mai 2013 auf Freerange Records erschienen ist, sorgte nicht nur bei Liebhabern von moderner Deep House Musik für Furore. Der Titel “These times feat. Jinadu“ wurde sogar mit einem eigenen Musikvideo ausgestattet und lief auf allen einschlägig bekannten Musiksendern. Aktuell folgen Remixe von Künstlern wie Dixon, Andre Lodemann oder Manuel Tur und runden dieses herausragende Release ab.


Hello Jamie, we really looking forward to the upcoming Bunkernacht with you. Have you ever been to Essen before? And any ideas what is expecting you at Goethebunker?

Hi Ahmet!  I’m looking forward to my first ever time playing in Essen and only know a little about the city from Manuel Tur with it being his home town.  I hear it is a large industrial city which has recently seen a lot of regeneration which has resulted in a rejuvinated club scene.  I see that Goethebunker has some great DJ’s playing on a regular basis so I’m sure it will be a nice club and party.  I’m really looking forward to checking out Manuel’s debut live set!


So you are Djing for long time now. What makes in your eyes a good DJ-Set? And would you like to share with us a crazy moment from your DJ-Memoirs?

My favourite sets from other DJ’s are normally those that surprise and include quite a lot of contrast so those who blend disco, house and techno well together get the thumbs up from me.  A recent gig at a warehouse party in LA sticks in my mind as it was the first (and probably only!) time somebody threw a bra at me during my set.  Funny, embarrassing, awkward and off-putting all at the same time!


You are running your Imprint Freerange Records since 1996 and i’m pretty sure you have heard this quote a lot in the last time: „Vinyl is Dead“. Do you think this will happen in the near time or is there any hope for the black gold?

Yeah, of course there are those who say vinyl is dead and obviously it’s getting harder for a long-running label such as Freerange to make good sales on vinyl but from a DJ’s perspective it seems that the vinyl scene has never been healthier with more and more exciting vinyl-only labels starting up and many great producers happy to limit their own releases to vinyl only.  Maybe the scene has kind of settled now so that digital and vinyl can co-exist peacefully with a healthy future for both formats.


You have more than 200 releases on Freerange so far, what would be your Top 5 Freerange-Tracks? I know this is not really a fair question 🙂

Yeah, definitely a difficult question to answer as it changes constantly and I always rediscover stuff from our back catalogue for playing out in my sets.  If I had to list a quick top 5 it might look something like this:


Switch – Get On Downz

Blackjoy – Untitled

Nitzan and Lasimo – Placetum

Jimpster – These Times (Manuel Tur Remix)

Shimiko – Push


Are you more a Fish’n Chips or a Curry-Wurst-Pommes Guy?

I’m not fussy really.  Both work perfectly for your hangover.


This week we have again the German-British Duels in Football. What would be your bets on the games Dortmund vs. Arsenal and Chelsea vs. Schalke?

I know nothing about football, sorry.  Although I did just go and see the Arsenal vs Liverpool match on Saturday at the Emirates Stadium.  This was my first ever match and I took my son Stan who is a big Liverpool fan.  I’ve played a few times in Dortmund and I know they are absolutely mental about football and that they are one of the top German sides right now.  Still, Arsenal are on fine form at the moment so maybe they have a chance.


Some recent favorite producers or/and labels?

Apart from the very obvious choices there are a few less known guys I’m enjoying like Mr Fiel and Gnork who have stuff on a great label called Blind Jacks Journey.  Mister Saturday Night are consistently putting out stuff I like by the likes of Lumigraph and I love a lot of the recent Rawax/Chiwax/Housewax stuff.  There’s a nice new London label called Lobster Theramin and also liking the US guys Matrixxman and Vin Sol stuff on So Wavey.


Thanks Jamie, looking forward to the night.


Event: 09.11.13 Bunkernacht pres.: Freerange Label Night w/ Manuel Tur LIVE & Jimpster @ Goethebunker



More About Jimpster & Freerange: http://www.goethebunker.de/bunkernacht-praes-freerange-label-night

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