Goethebunker Interview #13 – Shifted

Shifted gehört zu den aktuellen Protagonisten der britischen Techno-Szene, der ohne den hier und da eher zwangmäßig anmutenden „Wir-Müssen-Es-UK-Mäßig-Anders-Machen-Hype“ auskommt. Treibender Techno in der Tradition von Detroit in flull effect. Ohne mitten/höhen-übersteuerte Flächen. Einfach reduziert, deep, rollend und tanzbar.

Mit seinen Veröffentlichungen auf Mote Evolver und seinem eigenen Label Avian, hat sich der Shifted eine Position in der aktuell interessanteste Riege der Techno-Produzenten erarbeitet. Weltweit spielt er zusammen mit Len Faki, Ben Klock, Robert Hood und wie die ganzen anderen Elephanten des Technos noch so heißen. Ihr dürft gespannt sein, wie sein hypnotischer Sound euch auf eine lange Tanzreise schickt, von der ihr nicht so schnell zurückkehren möchtet.


Hello Guy, did you enjoy your appearance at Untertauchen/Goethebunker?

Yes, i’ve played all over Germany and i was really impressed by Goethebunker! Really good crowd, a proper sound system and its a great space. Really looking forward to coming back again.


How do you usually spend your days?

I usually wake at around 9 or 10, then sound a couple of hours drinking tea and doing “admin” type stuff, but generally this really means messing around and looking at nonsense on the internet. Then at some point i’ll go into the studio and attempt to write music, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


What projects are you working on currently?

Well. i’ve just released my second LP as Shifted, so now i’m focussing on more experimental projects, i’m redoing my studio at the moment, trying to get to the point where i no longer have to use the computer other than to record what i’ve done. Once this is done i’ll probably be locked away for the entire winter trying to work out where to go next with things.


Who or what inspires you?

I think that as an artist you basically suck in everything that your exposed to, be that situations in your personal life, art, photography, other music. We are all like giant sponges really, feeding off each other. Perhaps this is why it is so hard to be truly original in this day and age.


List some kind of all times favs from your point of view please.

1. Labrat XL – Labrat 3

2. Plastikman – Marbles

3. Regis – Sand

4. Twighlight Ritual – Tears On The Wall


Tell us about the craziest situation in a club while playing.

Actually the night before i played at Goethebunker, i was in St. Petersburg and the club was raided by Russian drug enforcement police. I had some guy in a mask carrying a gun, screaming at me telling me to turn off the music, obviously i didn’t protest too much. All worked out in the end tho, we carried the party over to another club, so i at least got to play some records. It seems this kind of thing happens offer there quite a lot, and usually its because a rival promoter has payed the police to end another party.


What is your fav. food and why?

It’s a hard one. But i if had to choose one thing to eat everyday, it would probably be Steak. It’s incredibly simple, but actually very hard to get perfect. But when it is, in my opinion it tops everything in terms or flavour.

Thanks for the interview Guy. Looking forward to see you soon again.


Event: 19.10.13 Untertauchen w/ Shifted @ Goethebunker | http://www.facebook.com/events/565214750182764

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