Goethebunker Interview #14 – Luca Agnelli

Auf der nächsten „Aus Liebe zum Tanzen“ Ausgabe begrüßen wir Luca Agnelli aus Italien. Er veröffentlichte in den letzten Monaten Platten auf prominenten Labels wie Desolat und Get Physical. Auch sein eigenes Label Etruria Beats hat sich in den letzten Namen als bewährte Kostante erwiesen und die Veröffentlichungen in die digitalen Plattentaschen aller berühmten DJs weltweit gebracht. Wir freuen uns den sympathischen Italiener im Goethebunker begrüßen zu dürfen.


Hello Luca, can you give us an impression on your working process in the studio and some of your favourite studio gear?

I usually spend much of my time on research, listening to music, looking at videos and movies, searching for a hint, an idea, a sample to develop. I often start a track when I travel… In the plane or in the train, in hotel … Then I bring everything back in studio and I develop dveryghing at my best.


Which artists or labels have influenced you at most?

These are some of my favourite labels (and some of the artists who have released on them) that in these last years have influenced my dj sets. Hotflush, Clone , Rush Hour, Delsin, Prime, Hypercolour,  Soma,  Innervisions, Klockworks, Ostgut ton, Rekids, Strictly Rhythm, Circus Company, Get Physical, Vakant, Desolat,  Ilian Tape.


What makes in your point of view a good club?

High quality and powerfull soundsystem, lights that create the right atmosphere, receptive public and  good line up.


Your best party this year so far.

Laguna Beach, in front of 5000 persons with huge soundsystem and a big stage, it was like a concert!


How do you usually spend your days?

Doing the father, listening to music, creating music.


What projects are you working on currently?

I am working on a lot of tracks and on my first album, with my new set up studio gears, Analog four, Moog Voyager, Nord lead4, Juno 106, Virus Ti1, Minitaur, Push. Soon i will release a rmx for Julien Sandre and a new ep on Etruria beat.


Who or what inspires you?

Many people, many things, art, places, everything that gives me an emotion inspires me!


Favorite toy or gear?

Moog Voyager


A magical night to remember?

Guendalina (Puglia), in June: Unusual atmosphere with 3000 people but still like a family, huge energy and emotions, every track was an explosion, till the morning.


Tell us about the craziest situation in a club while playing.

While I was playing in a club,  Jason Kay (Jamiroquai) appeared and was dancing in console as crazy!


What is your favorite food?

I love to eat well both traditional and creative cuisine! But my favourites are pasta, pizza and mozzarella!


What would be your Top 5 of all time classic tunes?


Lil louis – Club lonely

Joe Beltram – Mentasm

DJ Roxy – Bass Traxx

Jamie Principle –  Bad Boy

Antony Rother – Don’t Worry


Thanks for the interview Luca and looking forward to see you on saturday!

Event: 23.11.13 Aus Liebe zum Tanzen w/ Luca Agnelli @ Goethebunker | https://www.facebook.com/events/708056945879074

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