Goethebunker Interview #15 – Perc

Zu ihrem 4. Geburtstag begrüßt die Maneki-Crew den DJ, Produzenten und Labelbetreiber PERC aus London. Sowohl seine energetischen und innovativen DJ-Sets als auch seine Produktionen auf wichtigen Lablels wie CLR, Kompakt, Drumcode oder seinem eigenen, seit 1994 bestehenden Imprint Perc Trax vereinen zeitgemäßen Technosound mit einem reichhaltigen Wissen um die Vergangenheit elektronischer Tanzmusik. Seine Expertise als Produzent und Remixer ermöglichte es ihm jüngst nach Remixen für u. a. Factory Floor, Oscar Mulero und Tommy Four Seven sogar auch Hand an Material der legendendären Einstürzenden Neubauten anzulegen.


Have you ever heard of the Goethebunker in Essen?

I’ve never been or played there, but I’ve heard about it from other DJs and seen it appear in gig updates on facebook, twitter etc. It is my first time there so I am really looking forward to it. The YouTube videos of DJs playing there look great.


What projects are you working on currently?

I have just completed my second album, which will be out in February 2014. Now that is finished I am mainly preparing for the album tour gigs and working on some new tracks with Truss.


Who or what inspires you?

Great music, bad music, architecture, film, Aphex Twin, Death Grips, my UK techno peers, William Blake, London, North London in particular, Barbara Hepworth, Vorticism, Ancient Methods, the other Perc Trax artists. So much moves me, yet I really dislike 99% of what I see and hear.


Do you have all time favourites?

I have a few favourite albums that I always find myself returning to. Vapourspace’s Themes From Vapourspace, A Guy Called Gerald’s Black Secret Technology, No U-Turn’s Torque compilation. The first two Higher Intelligence Agency albums. Early Mills and Hood. That is a pretty wide question to cover.


Tell us about the craziest situation in a club while playing.

There was once a mass fight on the dancefloor whilst I was playing in the south of France. The DJ booth was quite high up so I only knew something was happening when the record I was playing started jumping due to someone having their head slammed against the DJ booth. That or playing at a party in the USA that was raided. I ended up being handcuffed and led away by New York police.


What is your favourite food and why?

Bourbon biscuits. Only really available in the UK and nothing to do with whiskey. They rule.


Thanks for the interview Perc and looking forward to see you on saturday!


Event: 30.11.13 – 4 Jahre Maneki Music w/ Perc @ Goethebunker | https://www.facebook.com/events/166673953517072

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