Goethebunker Interview #19 – Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue

The river of time flows on, for the world, the cosmos, and the life of Sebastian Mullaert, one half of the internationally acclaimed Swedish duo Minilogue. 2014 marks a new chapter that will see him focus on his solo work and take a hiatus from Minilogue, after playing, producing, and performing with close friend Marcus Henriksson for more than 16 years. Just last year Minilogue released their second longplayer ”Blomma” on Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings imprint, touring across the globe and playing their trademark sound to dedicated fans the world over. Last October on the two years Reisebureau-Anniversary Sebastian Mullaert was our guest at Goethebunker and we have made a short interview with him after the gig.


Hello Sebastian, please describe your thoughts / feelings when you first entered Goethebunker.

Intimacy, happiness and heat.


Whats the main difference between the party crowd in Sweden and Germany?

Germany is such a big country with so many different cities and clubs, I feel that it’s really hard to talk about Germany as one in this matter. Also sweden is really different between different cities. But one thing is for sure; the music I play have similarity with mediation where the music and the dance becomes a tool to get in touch with your inner self, the being of existence. For this tool to be strong you need to dance for a certain time before it „happens“. Sweden have many restrictions and rules, closing hours for clubs is no exception! Many times the clubs have to close at 3 o’clock and still people don’t arrive before midnight. In most places in Germany long opening hours is not a problem.

Different situation (and regulations) creates different opportunities and limitations; these opportunities and limitation also sculpture us and the way that we approach different situations. If you never get the possibility to feel what dancing for many many hours feels like you will approach a night out at a club without this understanding and you will of course „look for“ something else. With this said … yes there are often a difference in why and how people in germany and sweden go out clubbing. But there are also amazing parties in Sweden and there are of course a lot of people who look for a „deep“ aim in dance.


Which is your favorite  must-have-seen place in your hometown?

I live in a small village in south of sweden. The village is called Röstånga and is located in one of the most beautiful areas of sweden, deep forests and grand national parks all around! We also have a beautiful little restaurant in the old train station … this is also the place where we listen to great bands and music:) If you ever go to Sweden you should really spend a few days in Röstånga.


Whats your most liked music album over the years ? (any genre) or: Which bands / artists you really need to survive?

If you haven’t heard Anouar Brahem check it out:) amazing deep arabic jazz.


Whats your idea / vision of the future of Techno music – how will it be in 30 years?

I hope it’s still about the dance … but the importance of dance have been around for thousands of years so I think a time span of 30 years will not change that 😉


Interview Georg Breger

Event: 12.10.13 – 2 Jahre Reisebureau w/ Minilogue @ Goethebunker |www.facebook.com/events/1415218228693948





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