Goethebunker Interview #25 – Cassegrain

Cassegrain sind Alex Tsiridis und Hüseyin Evirgen. Das griechisch/türkische Duo ist bekannt für ihre Affinität futuristischer Klänge, die sie auf eine unkonventionelle Art in Szene setzen. Zwischen düsterem Techno und einer guten Dosis Experimentierfreudigkeit haben sie über die Jahre ihren „Trademark Sound“ kreiert. Mit den aktuellen Veröffentlichungen auf Killekill und Prologue gehören sie zu der neuen Generation aufstrebender Techno-Acts und ihre Live-Performance hat es in sich. Im November folgt ihr Debüt-Album auf Prologue. Untertauchen hat mit den Jungs ein kurzes Interview geführt.


Hi Guys, we are looking forward to your debut at Untertauchen/Goethebunker in Essen. Tell us a bit about what we can expect. You play more ofter live than DJ-Sets don’t you?

Hey, yeah we have become more known for our live sets but we have both been DJs for years also. I would say to expect a story with a wide spectrum and moments, we dont like to remain strict to our production style when DJing, to make it a different experience from the live set.


Please describe the beginning of your work as DJs and Producers and the moment you have realized its a bit more than collecting stamps.

We have very different musical backgrounds from eachother but both became interested in a similar type of sound once we were involved in electronic music. This is the reason we clicked when we met. I can say we both also made music before Djing. The whole thing becoming ’serious‘ has been a very organic, gradual process..Just developed naturally over time..


The Top Three Producers for you at the moment?

Andreas Tilliander (TM404 etc), Inland, Ctrls


What is your favorite food and why?

Entrecote. One medium rare, the other medium well.


What is Underground Art in your eyes, is Techno Underground and which lifestyle is Techno today?

There seems to be a big concern with music remaining ‚underground‘. It depends on what your perspective is, how you judge something as underground, or if that even exists anymore with the extreme media coverage, social media, etc.


Tell us about a funny/crazy/weird moment in a club while playing.

A girl standing up on the bar about 2 metres away from the booth, stripping – in full.

Cassegrain LP



Cassegrain’s debut album ‚Centres of Distraction‘ (PRGLP007) will be released in November on Prologue.

Interview Mike Rui

Event: 13.09.14 – Untertauchen w/ Cassegrain | www.facebook.com/events/778559265518825

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