Goethebunker Interview #30 – Danny Daze

Danny Daze aus Miami ist einer der neuen Shootingstars, der mit seinen aktuellen Veröffentlichungen auf Kompakt Records, Ultramajic und Ellum wortwörtlich „On Fire“ ist! Der gebürtiger Amerikaner trifft mit seinen Produktionen den Nerv der Zeit. Rau, düster, teilweise arhythmisch und dennoch stets mit dem Fokus auf das Tanzbare. Danny hat in kürzester Zeit sich einen Namen gemacht und wird nicht ohne Grund von den grossen Namen wie Michael Mayer, Maceo Plex oder Jimmy Edgar heftigst umworben. Auch seine aktuellen Remixe für Marc Houle, Daniel Avery oder Gui Boratto sprechen für sich.


Hey Danny, it’s your first time at Goethebunker and in this region. Did you heard anything upfront about the club?

I’ve had many friends play at Goethebunker and say it’s an incredible place to play.


You have changed in the last years significantly the style of your productions. What is the reason behind it?

I think what’s changed is the perception of what people thought I produced. Or maybe some people thought I was just one sort of sound maybe? I’ve always made all sorts of different types of music, from experimental trip hop to techno to electro to house. In 2004-2005 I was mostly IDM/electro but I’ve noticed I need to try and express whatever I have in my mind in any way possible not limiting myself to one sort of electronic sub-genre.


If you would choose one of your latest favorite tracks which would it be? Maybe a top three?

I think the last couple tracks I really enjoyed producing were „Freeze (Frozen Mix), „Ready2Go“ and a collab song with my friend Deroboter called „Drowning“.


Give us a glimpse of your studio setup. What are your favorite instruments/tools?

I tend to use a lot of hardware because I’m extremely lazy when it comes to key-mapping any midi device, I usually go for my SC – Pro-One or my SE – ATC1 for bass sounds. When it comes to the high end of the sonic spectrum, I go for the SE – Omega 8 or the Enzoniq Fizmo. All the moogerfooger pedals have recently been getting a lot of use in the studio as well.


How do you spent your free time away from touring, djing and producing?

There’s nothing better than hanging out at moms house or with my family. I cannot remember the last time I really took a vacation because I always feel the need to make music, but at least if I’m not on the road DJing I definitely spend the time with my family eating home cooked meals.


What are your favorite producers at the moment?

There’s a couple out there making very interesting stuff. One guy from Brazil named „rhr“ …. I think you may start hearing his name more once he starts releasing more music, Cliff Lothar as well along with Drvg Cvltvre. Deroboter from Miami is also making very interesting sounds. There’s just so many it’s tough to name them all.


All time classic techno tracks. What is your top 5?

It may be impossible to answer that since there are so many beautiful records out there, so I can’t really say my top 5 of all time, but here are a few I’ve been playing again quite a bit that are always in my record bag.


  • The Advent – True Combo

  • Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp

  • Mas 2008 – Meine Freunde Sind Elektrisch

  • I-f – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass

  • Jaydee – Plastic Dreams


Thanks Danny, looking forward to the night.


Event: 28.08.15 Goethebunker Reopening Weekend with Danny Daze and more: http://on.fb.me/1DRrM3k

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