Goethebunker Interview #33 – Tin Man

Johannes Auvinen aka Tin Man steht schon sehr lange auf unserer Liste. Denn keiner geht so gefühlvoll und virtuos mit der legendären Acid-Maschine Roland TB-303 um wie er. Wir lieben seine hypnotisch packenden Tracks, die mit ihrer Wucht und Vielschichtigkeit eine beeindruckende Atmosphäre kreieren. Das ist für uns grosse Kunst und dafür lieben wir ihn. Ihr habt schon sicherlich den einen oder anderen Track auf der Bunkernacht gehört. Gastgeber Ahmet Sisman hat mit dem Amerikaner ein kurzes Interview geführt.


Hey Johannes, it’s your first time at Goethebunker. Did you heard anything before of the venue?

Yes, I heard from a few people that there is a “proper underground vibe” happening there.


Since years you use the Roland TB-303 in your productions and in a very unique way. Did you ever get bored of it? And what is so fascinating especially about that synthesizer?

It has not gotten boring for me yet. I still feel like there are some angles and styles yet to be discovered. It also just sounds and feels good. Its mental and dazzling, but also warm and motivating. I also like that the 303 always tells a story.  


Give us a glimpse about your studio setup and favorite toys. And how do you combine that with your live performance?

My studio is based around vintage Roland synthesizers and drum machines. The center piece of the live is my TB-303 and the drums are the new generation of Roland, the Aira TR-8.  The 303 lines are the center of my work so I feature them in my live set.


You are also combining a lot of ambient and even poppy elements in your track. Where does this influence come from?

Well, it seems very natural to me. I feel like most people these days also have a diverse interest in various musical genres and spend a great deal of time discovering and learning about all kinds of music. I grew up with all kinds of music and ambient was the first electronic music I listened to before house or techno. Musical developments often happen where genres cross or genres evolve, so I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about not trying to pursue a „pure form“ of any type of music.


What else do you besides touring and producing?

I just had some holidays in Mexico. Mexico is like heaven. I am interested in the visual arts. I like to visit exhibitions.


What is the best cure for hangover?

Aspirin + Sodium Bi-Carbonate + Bouillon + Champagne


What can we expect from you musically wise in the near time?

I have been doing many collaborations lately. So you will see releases from all these projects soon :   Rolling Ones (with Jordan), Tin Man and Jon Tejada, Tin Man and Winters Son, Romans (with Gunnar Haslam), TIN MAAAAN (with AAAA), and Cassegrain & Tin Man.  


If you would list some legendary acid tracks what would be your top five?


Phuture- Acid Tracks

Armando- Confusion’s Revenge

Bam Bam – Where is Your Child?

Phantasy Club – Dream Girl

Plastikman- Pakard


What are your favorite producers at the moment?

I am listening to techno : Stanislav Tolcachev, Rrose, Planetary Assault System, Peter Van Hoesen, Jeff Mills.


Thanks for the interview Johannes. Looking forward to the night!


Event: 21.11.15 Bunkernacht w/ Tin Man (live), more: http://on.fb.me/1PICj9I

Interview Ahmet Sisman

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