Goethebunker Interview #34 – Distant Echoes

Obwohl er aus dem sonnenverwöhnten Süden Italiens kommt, hat Distant Echoes schon sehr früh seine Leidenschaft für die etwas dunklere Seite elektronischer Musik entdeckt. Mit gerade mal 14 Jahren besaß er bereits Plattenspieler und Mixer. Nur wenige Jahre später war er ein begeisterter Plattensammler und DJ und organisierte seine eigenen lokalen Partys. Von da war der Weg zum eigenen Studio nicht mehr weit. Diesen Freitag spielt der Italiener zum ersten Mal im Goethebunker und Ardor-Gastgeber Benjamin Vogel hat mit ihm ein Interview geführt.


Hey Andrea, let’s start the interview with the question nearly every Goethebunker interview starts: Did you hear anything about the venue before?

I saw the club has a big history and great names have already performed there so I’m very much looking forward to a great party there!


We heard you developed your passion for the darker side of electronic music at a very early age.. so what’s your first memory you connect with techno and what was your first rave?

I started going to clubs at a very early age, brought there by my big brother.. After that occasion I started being interested in DJing. Where I come from we used to do a lot of raves in the woods during summer, so besides club these were the most fascinating experiences for me at the beginning.


In former interviews you said that you already hung around with Rødhåd before your first release on Dystopian. Where did you meet him for the first time?

Berlin’s club scene is very well connected and when I lived there I occasionally ran into him at some event. There was immediately a good vibe when we first met.


According to your biography you moved to Berlin but resettled to Italy. What was the reason to leave Berlin?

I was missing family, food, old friends and of course, the chance to go surfing at the sea only 30 min. away from the place I live 😉 But when I left Berlin I knew that I’d keep going back almost every month.. and with the Dystopian crew there’s that strong connection too, so it’s still kind of my second home.


Another thing we know from your biography is that you produced under other monikers before you started Distant Echoes. Was it techno all the time or did you do something completely different in the past? What was the reason to start the „new project“?

I like many genres of music and am always working on different styles. To not confuse the different concepts I pick different names .. For example, right now I’m also working on experimental electronic music which has more of a live approach.


You recently remixed an old track of Christian Morgenstern, who died in 2003. Can you tell us something about this production? Did you know each other or what’s the story behind this project?

Unfortunately I didn’t know him in person but I knew his music.. When the guys offered me the opportunity to take part in this amazing tribute project I felt honored to join.


You already played in a lot of different countries and clubs. Which club did you like most? Do you think there are huge differences between the crowds of the different countries?

Of course every party is different to another and crowds also can be very different according to the environment and city. That’s what makes it so interesting and gives it its character. There are a bunch of clubs that take place in my heart but I don’t like to do a chart of them.. Every party can be the best!


Let’s end the interview with some short-questions:

Three most played tracks in your iTunes?


That’s quite hard to say.. It depends on my current mood and I really can listen from The Cure to Stevie Wonder, from Wu-Tang Clan to Tame Impala, from Joy Division to Aphex Twin


Club or festival?



Pre- or afterparty?

I like both


Thanks for your time and looking forward to see you soon at Goethebunker!

Interview Benjamin Vogel

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