Goethebunker Interview #35 – Trikk

Zum Auftakt der neuen Saison haben wir den Portugiesen Bruno Deodato aka Trikk eingeladen. Der in Porto aufgewachsene und mittlerweile in London lebende Künstler ist uns in letzter Zeit mit seinen außergewöhnlichen Produktionen aufgefallen. Rau, anderseits komplex, langsam wie auch sexy. So lassen sich seine Tracks am besten beschreiben. Seine Veröffentlichungen auf Lossless, Optimo Trax und ManMakeMusic spielen wir rauf und runter und jetzt wollen wir den Herrn doch gerne persönlich im Bunker sehen. Ahmet Sisman hat mit ihm vorab ein Interview geführt.


You will play the first time at Goethebunker. Did you heard anything of the club before?

Yes, I’m excited about it, I’d never heard anything about it before to be honest, but I went and looked it up, and looks really great, my kind of room to play in.


How would you describe the club scene in Porto and why you have decided to move to London?

Club scene in Porto is healthy at the moment, there are loads of cultural events happening around the city because of the tourism increase in the last few years. It is still small for specific events, but in general I really like it. I decided to move to London as personal decision and of course music-wise too.


What is your favorite studio gear? Hardware or Software.

Roland RE-201 Space Echo, spring reverbs and some tape saturation.


You have wide spectrum in your production style. From Disco to Dub Techno. What are your influences?

I have many influences, I sample a lot, so it’s mainly because of that. I’m always listening to different types of music, so one day it could be Dub and the other some Noise for instance, I take everything and just include on my music.


What are your favorite producers at the moment?

I’ve been reviving some old favorites at the moment like Prins Thomas and JD Twitch also in terms of labels Sofrito and Paradise Bangkok.


What is the best cure for hangover?

I don’t usually drink, the best cure is to have some water.


What can we expect from you in the near time?

A remix and a release that I can’t really announce at the moment.


Besides doing music and touring, do you have any other passion that drives you?

I enjoy listening to music very much and I appreciate art in general, there isn´t much happening for me if it isn’t that.

Thanks for your time Bruno and looking forward to see you soon at Goethebunker!


Interview Ahmet Sism


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