Goethebunker Interview #36 – Ed Davenport aka Inland

Der Brite und Wahlberliner Ed Davenport hat sich in den letzten Jahren einen beachtlichen Namen gemacht. Dabei ist seine Vielfältigkeit als Produzent das Bemerkenswerte an ihm. Abseits von den aktuellen Trends ging er von Anfang an seinen eigenen Weg und es hat nicht lange gedauert, bis er seinen ganz speziellen Trademark-Sound kreiert hat. Seine Wurzeln hat er im 90er Techno und verbindet das Alte mit dem Neuen. Rau, dreckig aber mit einer ausgefeilten Klangästehtik gehört Ed Davenport zu unserem favorisierten Künstlerkreis. Mit der Bunkernacht gibt Ed sein Debüt in der Region und Gastgeber Ahmet Sisman hat mit ihm vorab ein Interview geführt.


Hello Ed, you will play the first time at Goethebunker. Did you heard anything of the club before?

Yeah my buddies Cassegrain told me it’s a great club, I think they’ve played a there a few times already!? Looking forward to it!


You are living since years in Berlin. Was there a particular reason to move there?

Music, and to escape the London Rat Race.


What is your favorite studio gear you can’t do without.

I’m always changing my setup and trying new things, but ever since I bought my first outboard mixing desk and a sampler (first one was the Korg Esx1), I felt things begin to reach a new level.


You have wide spectrum in your production style. Raw, kind of an old school vibe and yet also a very modern approach. What are your main influences and musical roots?

I’m an 80s child so a lot of 90s pop music started it all off really. The U.K Had a pretty vibrant mainstream electronic scene going on, cleverly disguised as pop music, and I remember seeing acts like Altern-8, Underworld or Paul Johnson alongside the squeaky clean bubble gum boy bands on our regular chart show ‚Top of The Pops.‘ Everything was there to be see and heard, after that it was just a case of choosing my path and digging deeper.


Besides your own Label Counterchange you are also co-running together with Function the Imprint Infrastructure. Plus you have a second alias as Inland. So firstly, how do you manage all those projects at the same time? And why did you have the need to build up a second alias?

I have quite a few aliases… It’s fun, challenging and creative to have some alter egos. As for finding time for everything, it’s getting tough but I’m also a bit less lazy than I used to be, and I’m better at making quick decisions.


What are your favorite producers at the moment?

Magna Pia, Bnjmn, Campbell Irvine and Rhyw. Look them up!


Any production tips for upcoming artists?

Make music as often as you can. Every day is best. If you’re stuck, take a break, shelf it and come back to it. Most of the music I release is already over 6 months old before I’ll send it to a label. It’s good to let things mature.


What does the word ‚freedom‘ mean to you?

A privilege!


Besides doing music and touring, do you have any other passion that drives you?

Cooking, eating, swimming and sleeping!


I know it’s not really fair however what would be your all time top 5 club tracks?

Ok so here’s this week’s all time top 5 based on my current mood:


Rhythim Is Rhythim – The Beginning

Jay Denham – Implants

Underworld – Dark & Long

Psychoacoustic – Tribal / Branded (both)

Fumiya Tanaka – Insistence


And lastly what can we except from you release wise in the near time?

I’ve done a remix for the From Another Mind guys as Inland, and there’s an Infrastructure EP on the way too.


Thanks for your time Ed and looking forward to see you this Saturday!


Interview Ahmet Sisman

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