Goethebunker Interview #39 – Blake Baxter

Mit Blake Baxter kommt ein Detroiter TechnoHouseHead der ersten Stunde zu einem Tauchgang in den Bunker. Als Dj begann er in den 80igern und prägte im Laufe der Zeit insbesondere die Schnittstelle zwischen House und Techno. Der Begriff TechHouse macht so in seinem Falle Sinn, hat aber tendenziell nicht so viel mit der Musik zu tun, die man heute gemeinhin unter diesem Markenzeichen serviert bekommt. Was ihn ganz besonders macht, sind seine an Poetry erinnernde Vocals. Am 12. November wird der Amerikaner sein Debüt im Bunker geben und Gastgber Mike Rui hat vorab mit Ihm ein Interview geführt.


Hi Blake, we are looking forward to your debut at Untertauchen/Goethebunker in Essen. Please describe the beginning of your work as a DJ and Producer and the moment you have realized it’s a bit more than collecting stamps.

It is … and always will be then and now for me Freedom and self expression and when people started to steal my work and profit from it I realized it was more than as you said just collecting Stamps.


Tell us a bit about today. What are you currently planning, what projects concerning new productions are you occupied with most?

FOUR313 a group project with some friends from Detroit Eddie Fowlkes, Santonio Echols, Thomas Barnett. We are releasing a Double 12″ Vinyl and DJ-Sets and I have an Acid 12″ Vinyl on KilleKill Berlin just out white label ready for 2017 .


In general – what is „Underground Art“ in your eyes, is Techno underground and which lifestyle is Techno today?

You should ask some one from Belleville three that, creative nothing has changed in the last 30 years but honestly I don’t think much on the word  or about the Techno Genre. It’s a Marketing Stamp. I just make music they can call it whatever and I just play what I want. Nothing is Underground if it’s on the internet with all the social medias, labels, promoters, club and artist all play the numbers game how many “likes” how many “views”. It’s a popularity contest more so like Pop music that’s not underground. But try going off the grid do word of month promotion grass roots and limited edition releases that’s underground like back in the day .


Music is an endless cosmos, so you have the possibility to select a band with classical instrumentation (Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums) for an exclusive private concert (defunct bands included) – who would appear in your living room and why did you choose them?

Just me and loads of Moogs and Korgs and loads of drum kits I love classic soul but I’m into electronic instrumentations.


12.11.16 Untertauchen w/ Blake Baxter

Interview Mike Rui

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