Goethebunker Interview #40 – Shlømo

Shaun Baron-Carvais aka Shlømo gehört zu den neuen Protagonisten der französischen Techno-Szene. Durch seine verschiedensten Einflüsse von Electronica bis IDM zeigt uns der junge Franzose, dass Techno weitaus mehr bedeuten und erschaffen kann. Jahr für Jahr springen immer mehr alte wie auch neue Künstler auf diesen Hype-Zug auf, dennoch gibt es nur Wenige, die es wagen, das volle Potential abseits der herkömmlichen Erfolgsformel auszuschöpfen. Shlømo gehört nach unserer Meinung zu diesen Ausnahmekünstlern, die eine viel breitere Bandbreite an Stilen und Einflüssen in ihre Musik einbringen können, als es sich die Meisten trauen. Maik Lusch hat vorab mit dem Franzosen ein Interview geführt.


Hello Shaun, is this the first time you are playing in Essen and around?

Yes, first time and i’m very excited. I heard lot of good things about this venue.


As one of the few artists who are not living in Berlin, what do you like more about Paris?

Paris is my hometown, I’m born and raised there. I can’t imagine live somewhere else. I’ve got all I liked in this city: Family, friends, good food, my dear Concrete and a very good scene!


You are running the label „Taapion“ with PVNV and AWB. How did it start and what are you´re plans for 2017?

It started 3 years ago to share with the electronic music community our vision of music. The new Taapion will be out on February 2017. It will be a various of french artists and we prepare a good surprise for the next one.


Do you prefer to play more as dj or performing a live set?

It is two really differents things, two emotions, two vibes. I really like both. A live set is more intense but you have to be more focused and this way you can’t really enjoy the vibe in front of you.


Give us a glimpse of your studio setup. What are your favorite instruments/tools?

The heart of my studio is composed by a laptop plus hardware but there are some tools I use very frequently: Nord Lead 1, Korg MS-20, TR-8, Blofeld, Microkorg and of course Ableton.


You already played in a lot of different countries and clubs. Which club did you like at most? And which was your favorite place you have visited?

I will lie to you if I don’t say Berghain, it was truly an amazing experience. And I have to add also my dear Concrete, there is no place like home – it’s one of the best vibes in Europe.


Do you do something else between your job as DJ, Producer and Label Owner?

I used to be in charge of the PR communication of Paris Saint Germain (football team) in a media agency but I’ve decided to focus on my muscial career since last September.


What are your plans for the future? Any upcoming releases?

A lot of good things coming up: A new release on Delsin with a special remixer, one on ARTS and also on Taapion plus some remixes I did 😉


What are your favorite producers at the moment?

PVNV & AWB my label partners! Very talented guys.


Thanks for the Interview and looking forward to see you on Saturday!

03.12.16 Bunkernacht mit Shlømo

Interview Maik Lusch

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